2013 - "A Nightmare on Lower Main Street"

We wanted to bring together all of our Maui CrossFit community to try and find the fittest man and woman in Maui. We wanted to make the WODs challenging but we also wanted everyone to join in the fun so we had a scaled divsion, an RX division and a Masters Division. 


We were not sure if anyone was going to attend the event so Mark made some kick ass WODs and Wakon, along with Melissa and pals made a few videos! 

The second reason for making the event was to have some fun, so we made sure we did that!


We named the competion "A Nightmare on Lower Main Street" because it was close to Halloween and Maui CrossFit Extreme was located on Lower Main. Seemed appropriate.

Maui CrossFit Extreme - A Nightmare on Lower Main Street from Darren Yamamoto on Vimeo.

2013 Standards of Movements and WOD descriptions

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